Vendor Management Solutions (VMS)


Here at StaffBridge, we take a hands-on with both clients and sub-vendor suppliers to streamline the procurement process. We’ll help you automate the hiring of temporary associates and place everything on one easy-to-use online portal, which ensures both the client and sub-vendor suppliers adhere to a consistent and universal process.

StaffBridge Technology applies a high-touch approach in working with clients and sub-vendor suppliers during onboarding to support universal process adoption throughout the organization.


Benefits of a Vendor-neutral VMS Program:

  • Simplify timesheet management
  • Consolidate timesheet invoicing tasks
  • Ensure onboarding compliance
  • Credentialing compliance and alerts
  • Customized approval levels
  • Detailed reporting ability to magnify spend and metrics
  • Control contingent labor costs
  • Minimize risk and exposure
  • Ensure full compliance and transparency
  • Retain important vendor relationships

StaffBridge Can Help Your Bottom Line, Too.

Staffing costs are some of the highest expenses for an organization, and when those costs include the use of outside agencies for organization or overtime for your own staff, the amount you spend on staffing can skyrocket. With our tools, organizations can monitor these costs in real time, as well as generate reports detailing the allocation of these costs. The monitoring of these things drives informed decisions, operational efficiencies, and return on investment (ROI).

Some of the other benefits of using StaffBridge VMS include:

  • • Cost consolidation by measuring overtime and agency spend
  • • Real-time data analytics and enhanced reporting
  • • Increased communication and collaboration to maximize workforce allocation
  • • Easy onboarding and intuitive interface to ensure high level of adoption
  • • Consolidated contracts and pricing schedules

StaffBridge is a Robust – Yet Simple – Solution to Your Scheduling Needs.

We provide the resources your organization’s workforce needs to do their jobs better. View schedules in real time through our automated dashboard, monitor agency usage, notify employees of shift changes and openings via mobile alerts, track overtime, and manage the credentialing process – all through an easy-to-use online tool. It’s everything your staff needs to get their jobs done efficiently and keep your organization running smoothly.

With StaffBridge VMS, your staff can enjoy

  • An intuitive dashboard that enhances visibility into scheduling gaps
  • Order management with the push of a button
  • Electronic timesheet submission and tracking
  • Risk mitigation in a system that prevents unlicensed workers from being scheduled